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We appreciate the support of the community to support the necessitous needs of the O’Sullivan Brothers, who are now 28, 30 and 32 years old. The necessitous needs of the O’Sullivan Brothers are for a range of life requirements including some of the following; accommodation cost, the ongoing health costs, transport and essential ongoing medical consultations, education costs.

Through the O’Sullivan Brothers appeal fund there has been support for ongoing tertiary education of the O’Sullivan brothers, to assist in achieving academic goals. Although the achievement of these goals occur at a slow rate due to the Dystrophy, there is a desire for their achievements to give back to the community or get part time paid work.

With the progressive nature of Myotonic Dystrophy it is unknown when their ability to give to the community will slow down. Thus appeal fund also looks to the future to provide support to the O’Sullivan Brothers when they reach old age.

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The Power Of Your Help

Approximately $99c in every $1.00 of donations received are applied to fulfil our mission.